Call me germajesty

19 years old. I have a job. College Junior. Not straight. Fuck gender roles.




when you fall down and scrape your knee


Is that gay porn by any chance?

no it’s when you fall down and scrape your knee

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Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone)

This gif had been floating around on tumblr for quite sometime. This scene is from a Brazilian short film about a boy who falls for another boy despite not being able to see him. This film is also appropriate for a younger audience, though maybe only middle school age and older as it deals with teen relationships (contains no sex).

Leo (right) is blind and his friend Giovana walks him home everyday from school. But when a new boy, Gabriel (left) joins the trio Giovanna slowly becomes the third wheel. Probably one of the best LGBT short films I’ve ever seen. See it for yourself [here].

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